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family Leyer & Co

We are happy about your visit on our homepage.

6190 people are in our ancestor-file

Without the help of the family, other persons, public offices and other institutions (sources), it would have been impossible to get so many informations.  For this I want to say “Thank you”.

A little pre-story

The reason to create this site was the homework of our son in the last week.

He had to create an family tree for his english lesson. To do so, he first asked us, his parents. When we tried to answer his questions, we recognized, that we really don’t know much about our ancestors, who they were and how they lived. So we went to the telefone and called grandpa and grandma. After this, we had as many questions as answers.

Today we started to make “nails with heads” (as a german saying goes) and began to write everything down. The result will be presented on this site.

Because of many happenings, espaccially the first and the second world war and the of those caused escape, our ancestors experienced a changeful story, we will have big holes in our family tree after a short time of research. My grandma for example comes from Saostrow, a small village in the circle of Luzk in “West-Wolhynien”, a part of the Ukraine from today, my father from Tankow / Circle “Friedeberg in the Neumark” , which is Dankow in Poland today, my grandpa (the father of my father) from Berlin and my great-grandmother from Neuzauche, the area of “Dahme Spreewald” from today.

Because we start the family tree from the perspective of our children, we will write down the line of my wife, too. She is italian and comes from Nuraminis, a little village near Cagliari, the capital of Sardegna.

You can see, it’ll get very exciting.

Should anyone of you be able to fill the holes in our family tree and give us clues, where we can get informations, please write an email, a letter , a post-card or call us. The needed informations can be found under the menu-point contact.

I beg your pardon, because today only this site of the homepage is translated in English. The other sites will follow.

Thank you for your interest.

Andreas Leyer

Solingen, the 9th of march 2004